Special Orders Art In Clay By Amir Rom Studio

These are some samples of custom designs made for organizations, companies or private people.
The design is sent for approval by mail, and then embossed,
painted on clay and  glazed in high temperature.
It is possible to add 24k gold ornaments.

These pieces are original, one of a kind, and are made in Israel.

I made this seal for the prestigious occasion of the opening of the US Embassy
in Jerusalem (5/14/2018). I was proud to design the clay gifts for the embassy's grand opening. 
The clay for this ceramic seal is mixed with the soil of Jerusalem, considered holy by some of the world's major religions. Each piece is shaped and painted by hand. decorated with 24k gold ornaments.
It has been a privilege and pleasure to undertake this piece of work. 
I send blessings of good fortune to all involved in the embassy's work/
For all of our artworks

US Embassy in Jerusalemisrael Embassy in Jerusalem

embassy's grand opening in israel

opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem


Tree Of Life Hand Made Big Wall Plaque - Home Blessing 

Composed of 12 pieces that form to one complete plaque amazing
creation to your Home 80cm*60cm

Tree Of Life Plaque Or Tile 80cm*60cm Hand Made


Decorative Welcome Wall Plaque For Door Entrance or Gate
Custom Designed Plaque

Birthday Medalion

Memorial / Portrait

Company Giveaway (With Logo)

 Special size plaque of a pomegranate for a kitchen in NY

Decorated Plaque

Seven Species

Ceramic Wall Decor

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